One Day Central Methodological Workshop For Data Collection

AFRI-CIRD's one day central methodological workshop for data collection on Covid-19 Poster Impact Assessment in Northern Nigeria


AFRI-CIRD Research Team Visit Community Head of Mashamari, Jere LGA Borno

In Borno State, the research to 'Ascertain the Cost and Forms of Hidden Fees in Public and Secondary Schools


Key Informant Interview with the Education Secretary (ES), Konduga LGA, Borno State

This is part of the on-going study to 'Ascertain the Cost and Forms of Hidden Fees charged by Public Primary and


TV Interview with AFRI-CIRD'S Chief Executive Officer

AFRI-CIRD hosted Arewa TV for the purpose of TV interview with AFRI-CIRD’s Chief Executive Officer (Mohammed Bello)


Ascertaining Forms and Costs of Hidden Fees in Public Schools

In line with the processes to establish valid and verifiable evidence on the forms and costs of hidden fees charged by public


Qualitative Data Collection in Borno and Kaduna States

This is part of the on-going study in 'Ascertaining Forms and Costs of Hidden Fees in Public Primary and Secondary Schools



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