AFRI CIRD has established specific set of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and is anticipated to be revised and updated annually in order to make them more staff friendly and organization-centered.

AFRI CIRD has the following manuals of policies out in place:

  1. Human Resources and Administrative Policies

  2. Financial Policy

  3. Insurance Policy

  4. Health Policy

These manuals contain basic organizational policies and procedures which help in the creation and maintenance of a transparent, accountable and fair working environment in AFRI CIRD and ensure the effective achievement of overall objectives of the Centre.

Our strategy is also a participatory one that carry’s all relevant stakeholders from the project initiation to the very completion. The below are key elements of AFRI CIRD’s strategies and work approach:

  1. Research, Documentation Publication

  2. Thematic Partnerships

  3. Social Mobilization /Community Participation

  4. Awareness Raising Sensitization

  5. Capacity Building

  6. Dialogues Engagements

  7. Networking Coalition Building

  8. Advocacy Lobing

  9. Review Reflection

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